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Why I cannot meet the janitor

Be Yourself
by Detlef
Hey, the janitor is there! And I really have to talk to him, because there is something wrong with our heating .

He is cleaning the staircase and the doormat in front of our apartment. I have to be very quiet in order not to be noticed. I’m not fit to meet him now. I’m neither dressed fairly nor washed and the whole apartment is in an awfully  messy state.

So I’ll better call him tomorrow, urgently, as the heating is not working properly, and he will answer:

“Oh, I was at your apartment yesterday. Today I have to drive through the whole town. It may take a little time.”

And I’ll say:

“So sorry, I wasn’t in yesterday. But the heating not working at these temperatures is really a problem.”

Psst! He is still working in front of the door, while I fetch my earphones and watch Amy Derby’s fantastic video about how you loose yourself when you fear to be yourself. Very, very inspiring!

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