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Teenage Love Story

By Detlef.
I don’t know whether I was in love with Andrea. Probably not – for if it’s love you know it, don’t you?

I wanted to be together with her very, very much. I was about 17 years old at that time, so this happened somewhere in the seventies.

My three best friends wanted to be together with her, too. Very, very much. So I don’t know whether I loved her or not. Or if it was just rivalry. The testosterone playing havoc with me.

Going out as a fivesome was not satisfying at all. Sometimes Andrea brought a girlfriend, which was not rewarding for that girlfriend either, Andrea getting all the attention – the other none, the four of us being pretty obvious in whom we were interested in. Okay: not pretty. Impolite.

This went on for what seems a long time in retrospect. Finally she made her decision. The five of us went to a party and some time during the evening Andrea was lying in Michael’s arms, kissing intensely. So that was that.

“Michael! I would have understood if she picked any of us, but not Michael!” my friend Bernie exclaimed. “Not Michael. This is an insult.”

Bernie took it hard, me trying not to show my pain, retaining my dignity, playing it cool. So probably it had not been love.

When Andrea split up with Michael after a couple of days it was a consolation. I have to admit that.

As time is a great healer and we still got along very well Andrea and me became friends. “Just” friends. That message of picking Michael over me being pretty strong, being duly received and eventually digested. I avoided to speak about our failed love story but finally I asked:

“Why on earth Michael? And why did you separate after a couple of days?”

“Because I felt a lot of pressure to pick one of you and couldn’t decide. I liked all the four of you, I enjoyed being together. But that couldn’t go on – as it would have if I had not come up with a decision. Michael was the least likely to pick. And I thought he would be the easiest to split up with. Which turned out not to be the case.”

“There should have been a different way to work this out.”

“I didn’t see any.”

I found that story rather weird and in my heart of hearts I couldn’t believe it. But that’s what friendship is about. If you don’t understand everything that doesn’t mattter at all. Friendship goes on – and you buy the next round.

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