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Economy? It's the Butter, Stupid

The title refers to former President Bill Clinton’s campaign slogan of 1992: “It’s the economy, stupid”. That slogan is so popular that it even has its own page in Wikipedia.

This is a post about the economy and ecologically produced butter. To get there, let’s talk about firecrackers!Butter
By Detlef.

If you have to cut back on expenses one thing you can easily economize on are the New Year’s Eve fireworks. As we are in a huge global economic crisis I would have expected a considerably less amount of money being spend on firecrackers at the end of 2008.

From what I saw and heard in my hometown that was the case. And all the people I know kept saying: “No play money for that kind of thing. We have to spend wisely”.

Yesterday at the drugstore/ deli I had a chance to talk to the franchisee. From previous talks I know her business depends heavily on the Christmas- and firecracker Euros rolling in at the end of the year to put her solidly into the black.

Being the franchisee she is the one to keep the party going if anyone calls in sick, so I met her at the freezer where she was packing milk containers. After “Hello! How are you doing?” I took my chance, lowered my voice a little and asked:

“How was the firecracker business?”

“That was absolutely fabulous. Much better than in 2007.”

“Wow, I would not have expected that.”

“Nor would I. I really was a little afraid with all that talk about a recession. If the firecrackers are indicating anything 2009 is going to be a very good year.”

And now she lowered her voice even more, talking in a whisper:

“Look at the ecologically produced butter. I sell it at a whopping 100% above the price of the supermarket down the street. Double price. Sold out every day. My current cash cow. People want quality and they are willing to pay a price.”

That’s contrary to what I would have expected and what Richard experienced in the empty shopping malls of Binghamton, USA. Perhaps there is hope. Perhaps the global recession storm we are expecting is not going to be as devastating as we all fear. Perhaps we should stop fearing.

I have to stop now. Going to shop for that butter before it’s sold out.

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