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The Beauty of Traffic Lights

This is of course my favorite one:
By Detlef.
The signal to go. I’d say it’s rather turquoise than green. A fresh, cool color. Makes me think of Antarctica and Penguins. And freedom. Let the reins go: the horse is free!

This is a beautiful color. Since my childhood I like yellow best. Unfortunately yellow is the color least shown by the traffic light:
By Detlef.
I like like the intricate color-patterns in this one. Perhaps a scarf like this would look fine. This light is the ambiguous one. It’s either: all systems clear for takeoff! Or: do I slam the brakes or step on the gas?

Ouh: This is the stopper. Sit it out. Play with the radio. Light a cigarette. This takes time. Could it be it takes such a long time?
By Detlef.

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  1. March 24, 2009 at 5:38 am

    Those traffic lights are incredibly clean, DC. No bird poop or any gunge at all.

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