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Feeling Helpless About Politics

Light and Shadow
By Detlef.
I wrote this post about politicians while I was feeling helpless about politics.

It’s a bit whiny-voiced because the world is not the way I would like to have it. That hurts – but we are all grown-ups, aren’t we? Let’s see:

There will be elections  in Germany this year and there is a well-known journalist who recommends to abstain from voting as a protest against the alternatives. I would hate to do so – but presently I have absolutely no idea who might be friend or foe, or even: least foe.

It’s not that I’m not informed – it’s that I’m informed too much. What I read on the web doesn’t inspire trust into any politician nor any party.

What I get from the candidates and their parties is political marketing: I read the first 3 sentences and think:

Do you have to sell politics like a washing agent?

And then I stop reading.

Yesterday I was informed that one of the banks that have to be bailed out by the state with taxpayer’s money is aggressively bidding for the house we are living in for rent. The owner doesn’t want to sell, they are nagging him about it anyway, bidding way above the market-price. The bank wants to kick out the long-term tenants, renovate the building and then resell the apartments. That’s not easy under German law, but it can be done. They do it all over Hamburg. It’s their business model.

And we enable them to do so with our money? To prevent the system as a whole from failing?

So here is another whiny-voiced post about politics.

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