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The rules of the game are shit sometimes

You play – but nobody plays along.
How do you like that kind of song?
If you don’t like it at all
how about a call?

How about a call loud and clear
for everyone to hear.
Say it clear and say it loud
what this game is all about.

So you think people would engage in a game only because they knew its rules? I mean: what if they decide those rules are shit, or boring?
By Detlef.
You know about this capitalism/ communism thing. It’s gone now. OK: there is Cuba. Oh, and China. But in Germany it’s gone. Reunification being the game to play here.

There was a communist and a capitalist Germany, me growing up in the capitalist one, the town of Berlin having a capitalist as well as a communist part. I was visiting the communist part of Berlin with my school class. That was very informative. Seeing the communist part of Berlin I learned more about capitalism than I learned in 10 years at school.

A real big city without advertisements! Nothing! Just some banners about how great everything was in communism. Big shopping centers: no advertisements. No pictures. Merchandise in shopping centers not wrapped in fancy marketing packages. Salespeople who didn’t have an interest in selling anything at all. You weren’t doing them a favor as you wanted to buy – they did you a favor as they were willing to serve and to sell.
The way of the west. By Detlef.

In the restaurants the waiters were kings. You were some hungry and thirsty guy and they let you feel that you wanted something they could provide – if they would.

That was definitely a different game – although I don’t know whether you call it a “game” when people’s lives are affected.

I don’t know which route to go
If you would have to show
me the way:
what do you say?

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