Could paradise be man-made?
Entrance Area in Downtown Houston
by Detlef.

I’d rather say paradise is nature.
Sunset at Canyon Lake, Texas
Canyon Lake, Texas, USA. By Detlef

Sometimes paradise is to lie  in the shade of a tree:
By Detlef.
The other day a guy tried to talk me into going to Las Vegas.

Some paradises are best being avoided.” the other guy said .

I said: “One man’s paradise is another man’s hell“.

Isn’t the plural “paradises” already a devaluation?

There can only be one paradise. Because paradise is a place which cannot be made any better. If there’s more than one they all would have to be equally perfect. Okay: you say that’s  philosopher’s bullshit. Perhaps that’s true.

My paradise would have to have high speed internet access. Or perhaps we could communicate telepathically in paradise? Hmm. I think that would be too intimate for my liking. After all: it’s my brains.

I’d like paradise stay pretty much like it is. Paradise with a keyboard.

  1. April 24, 2009 at 1:03 am

    Why can’t several paradises be equally perfect?
    You can feel absolute love towards several people without partitionating it – it’s like the speed of light: you can add it up as you want, but you won’t get faster…

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