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(Why is this not) My Castle

Flying over beautiful London/ England I saw this beautiful castle. You wouldn’t imagine it from this picture but it’s actually quite near London Town. 20 minutes gliding in your British luxury car, or rather driving in your all-wheel SUV, will bring you downtown.

But before I ramble on I’ll post that picture, taken out of the airplane approaching London/ Heathrow:

Why not My Castle?
By Detlef.

That’s something, isn’t it?

Since Tony Soprano gave one to his wife I favour the SUV. Not that I had a thing going for Tony (or Carmela) but those cars seems so awfully practical. For shopping. Or is there a British luxury car with a rear door to stow a lot of things into? Like sacks of potting soil, a double bass or a bicycle? I mean: I couldn’t afford to have one custom made for me. Hmm: If I would own that castle, perhaps I could. But wouldn’t that be rather too lavish?

And hunting. Of course, living there you’d have to be a hunter. Clad all in green with a worn-out cap on your head. And horses are so uncomfortable. They smell nice enough but their back is all muscles and moving – even under a saddle. Up and down. Brrgh. So: it’s obviously the all-wheel SUV. Takes you through the fields and meadows, through the woods, perhaps even through that river, if it’s not too deep. No, I wouldn’t give it a try.

Would you?

Here is the castle as the airplane flew on. OK: that river does look a little deep:

Somebody's Castle
By Detlef.

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