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Caring – Controlling – OCD

Caring is gooood – isn’t it? If nobody cares things go down the drain. If nobody cleans up the house the rats take over sooner or later.

By Detlef.
Here is my song celebrating caring:

[flash http://licht.detlefcordes.org/flosh/i-care.swf w=240 h=65]

That said and sung: let’s forget about caring. I like this post by Jonathan Mead about “lawless”, “toxic” caring. Caring that gets in the way of the real important things in life. How do the things on my worktable have to be arranged? The kind of caring that borders on controlling. Are you caring for cleanliness or are you controlling the other members of your household? Are you caring for your future or are you trying to control it because you are afraid of the jaws of randomness?

The next step from “caring” to toxic, or rather: ill behaviour is the obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD). You care for the security of your home. So you lock it carefully.  You shake the doorknob to see if it’s really locked. You walk away but have to return to check that doorknob again. You walk away but have to return to check wether you really turned off the cooker. So you have to unlock the door again.

From caring via controlling to OCD: welcome in hell.

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