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A Strange Dream

I had this dream in the early morning hours:

I was in a big house and I had to take a leak. It was a mixture of an university and a hostel. Well, at first it was a university, it might even have been the old building of the University of Hamburg, “my” university (see picture). In fact: if you feel a certain urge in this part of town, where free restrooms are sparse this is the place to turn to.

Is this the place to turn to with other urges? Educational urges, spiritual urges? The most impressive lecture I heard there was by the Dalai Lama. There was even a discussion with him. At that time I felt that there is really something like a “Buddha Aura”: Beyond reason and intellect the Dalai Lama radiated happiness and warmth. He was like a sun shining directly into your heart. And that went on for many days after the lecture.

Another important thing with this building was that it accommodated the student’s job center. That was the place to turn to when you wanted to make some money and needed a job for the day. Each workday there was a job auction and I very much enjoyed this opportunity to get to know different workplaces, different people AND to make money. This was the way I got to know other cultures: working with people from Asia and Africa – and from German working-class, which was otherwise as far away from university as Asia and Africa.

So these are 2 really important experiences this building gave me in reality.

By Detlef.
On with my dream: I couldn’t find the restrooms and it was very difficult to move inside the house as it was full of students. When I finally found the restrooms there was a party going on inside. I felt like using a stall, anyway, but there were so many people, girls in the men’s rooms, loud music that I found myself unable to pee. I got angry at all those people and shouted: “This is a toilet!” But they didn’t seem to hear me.

Around this time in my dream the university turned into a hostel or rather: an apartment building. It became clear: there were no public restrooms. I was getting up the stairs in a huge staircase. I didn’t dare to knock at an appartment door to ask wether I could use the bathroom. Finally I  reached the top of the building and there were lots of people sharing the top rooms across the floor. They curiously looked at me because I was a stranger and evidently not someone living there. But in my mind I had the explanation: I could be a guy visiting someone. Alas: I was very much afraid to be asked: “What are you doing here?”

But I desperately had to take a leak. Again there was a party going on in the bathroom. But the living room was empty and it could be locked. I was so desperate that I took my chance, locked the living room, searched for something I could pee into, found nothing and finally chose to piss into a corner of the room. Relieved I decided to get the hell out. The moment I unlocked the door a boy tried to get into the room. He looked at me curiously and I hurried down the stairs.

That was the end of the dream. I woke up and got out ouf bed to use the bathroom.

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