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Are your sinuses free today?

By Detlef.
Are your sinuses free today?” I was asked by a guy in my dream. There was another guy standing beside him and they were both very big and clad in white. They were bowing down to me, so I gues they were standing and I was lying on a stretcher, or in a bed.

I felt uncomfortable. I felt to be in a very vulnerable position. “So what do you know about my sinuses?” I asked in a hostile way. I felt threatened by these guys and didn’t know whether I should fight them or try to run away. But I was shocked that in fact my sinuses were blocked. How did that man know about my sinuses? Had I betrayed myself somehow? Had I perhaps snored?

Pondering this question I woke up.

In reality there has been an ENT doctor in my life who did prescribe nasal spray when I had a cold. I got hooked and couldn’t live without it, which eventually ruined my mucous membranes. The spray didn’t help any more so I had to breathe through my mouth. So the ENT doc informed me that he would have to perform an operation on my nose.

That operation was performed under local anesthesia and it was up to now the most painful experience of my life. I informed the doc that the anesthesia didn’t work but he said that would be impossible. He could not boost the dose of anesthesia. As I was starting to make uncontrolled movements he told me to put my hands under my ass or else he would have to fix me on the table.

All the time he was talking to a second doc, instructing him what he was doing and how to perform this operation. I was feeling like a piece of meat. My hands were sleeping in under my ass, I had impossible pain in my nose but still I had trust in the doc and hoped this would come to an end eventually. What should I do anyway? You don’t get fresh with a doc who is just involved in the procedure of operating your nose.

Eventually the procedure came to an end, eventually my nose healed, eventually I recognized the operation had not helped in any way. Eventually I went on breathing through my mouth, eventually I stopped using nasal spray as it didn’t help anyway, eventually my mucous membranes recovered by themselves (nearly).

Eventually I talked to other people who had been patients of that doc, eventually I discovered many shared the same story: a cold > nasal spray > years of abuse > operation > no relief > problem solved itself over the years to a certain extent.

The ENT doc must have millions this way. He was a good guy, very friendly. I thought I had a sense for people and I trusted him for years.

So why did I dream this today? I think it’s because of CK’s post about self-proclaimed marketing gurus. People using other people’s needs as cash cows. Like:

  • “I’d like to help you to improve your business.”


  • “Are your sinuses free today?”
  1. May 20, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    that sounds awfully scary, Detlef. I’m so sorry you had to go through that! no wonder you’d get nightmares about it from time to time.

  2. May 20, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    What really hurts looking back is not the physical pain – but that this could be done to me and I was stupid enough to let it happen.

  3. May 22, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Yeah. It wasn’t anything you did wrong though, Detlef. We trust doctors etc. because we need to, and when they betray that trust it’s traumatic. That Doc had no right to treat you like that! What he did is just plain cruel, I reckon.

    There isn’t a thing wrong with your smarts, hun. Only with *his*

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