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Is man a blind alley of creation?

On the Road
By Detlef.
Homo sapiens is the top of at least 10 billion years of creation. At least here on planet earth. At least most of the homo sapiens believe that themselves.

The dinosaurs didn’t care about creation, what was before them in time, nor about being top of something. I’m not a dino shrink but I think they cared most about eating and drinking their fill and proliferating. Period. Man is obviously much more sophisticated. Homo sapiens is interested in dinosaurs, in the history of nature, the big bang, religion, philosophy – you name it. Knowing so much about the universe and creation no other creature ever knew (here on planet earth).

I mean: the universe/ creation/ God should like that – or not? The universe/ creation/ God should appreciate that we humans strive to get to know them, even getting acquainted enough to worship them the right way. We are definitely working on it. And wouldn’t it be a pity if we went the way of the dino before we figured it out? 10 billion years of creative work down the drain?

By Detlef.
Come on, universe/ creation/ God: you know better than that – and we humans know you do. We are special. We have a mission. Squirrels and rats are much better equipped to deal with the toxic waste homo sapiens creates than we are ourselves. But we have to go on creating toxic waste to get out of the recession. We need jobs.

We might even have to detonate atomic bombs while we are figuring out how to worship you the right way.

Come on, you there in the driver seat: do you want to talk to squirrels? Do you want to start again at the H-Atom?

So help us out.


We need those jobs.

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