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And I was dreaming of my hometown and the dream had the strangest color of emotion.

And the music was a slow waltz and a woman was dancing alone to the music on a meadow.

And I visited my hometown by bicycle and was surprised how easy I had covered the distance. And my hometown was full of people – people and buildings from the past. Everything was in black and white and I was there with my love.

And we went along the river and came to a wild place, where someone kept his bees in a lot of beehives. And there was a humming in the air from all the bees. And many birds were there and suddenly a lot of other animals, too. Bears, big brown bears. And all of a sudden the sea was there, too. A seashore and waves were crashing onto the land. And all the bees were rising out of their hives, the earth was black because they were flying just above the ground and they were all flying into the white foam of the waves. And the billions of bees seemed to stop the waves for just one tiny little moment before the water devoured them all.

And I looked to the left and a flood wave was running towards me and my love down the street between the houses. White foam like boiling water. Like a mob coming down the street towards us. And we ran to the toy store and went up the street to save ground. And my love said: “See? It’s not that bad at all.”

And there was the slow waltz again and the woman was dancing and she might have been one out of Tonje’s painting.

And there was a small passage between the houses and I thought my mother might have taken that way in the war. But the passage became a stairway and the handrail was wet and it just let to two doors with empty nameplates and bells. So I turned back.

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