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Mathematics and Spirituality

This video is inspired by Andrew Crane’s picture 0.333* .

Gosh, I hate mathematics. It all started in elementary school when I had difficulties writing the numbers 8 and 0 ( 0 is no number, but you know what I mean). My 8 would look like a 0 and vice versa and I confused them myself.

So my charming math teacher would call me in front of the class and pull and twist my ear. That hurt, but I didn’t want to whine in front of the class so I just grinned as long as I could – while the whole class laughed at me. Ever since I wanted to kill my math teacher – but I didn’t do it. It’s more than 40 years ago now – but that devil is still living and enjoying her state pension. She’s living right beside my father’s house now and painfully moving with a walker. Is that revenge enough? Maybe. I even bade her a good morning recently.

But these numbers/ not numbers do have something in common: the lying 8 being the symbol for infinity and 0 – what’s zero after all? Something strange and incomprehensible like infinity.  So I wasn’t even that wrong in elementary school.

Don’t I play the harp beautifully? That’s me programming a sequencer with a harp sound out of the Roland library of sounds.

The picture was taken by my wife, Sabine Langnau, at the embankment of the river Elbe.

I still confuse my 0 and my 8, as well as my 5 and my 9. I always get difficulties when I write down telephone numbers.

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