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Small but complicated world – a geography post

So we observed that earth is becoming a small place. I tweet with @Shudh in Bangalore, with @HennArtOnline in LA and with @zeddessarts in Australia. We communicate in realtime, at nearly no cost and I feel stronger bonds with each of them than with most of the guys sitting in the street caffee around the corner. Because we found each other through mutual interests and shared values. That might be a deeper bond than just sharing a place in a city in a country on a continent.

The other day I met a guy on the Hamburg underground-train who asked in English whether you have to punch your ticket. – No, you don’t have to do that on the Hamburg underground. Turned out he was from LA and I immediately felt familiar with him, because that’s the place where @HennArtOnline comes from. So we talked for 9 stations until I had to get out of the train. He was trying to escape the rain in Europe, arriving from Athens, having no luck in Hamburg. I recommended Scotland because @RaspberryDoodle just had tweeted about the lovely weather there. I never talk on the train with an unacquainted German. Can’t remember one single occurence.

But there are definitely areas where the world became bigger, more complicated. In the good old 80ties friends of mine hichhiked their way to India. Iran was out of bounds even then, but they went via Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hamburg > India and back. It took more than a year but it was possible at that time. I didn’t ask where they went in India, because all of India was ONE place far, far away to me. Today I know where my friend @Shudh lives in Bangalore and that he has to drive 3000 miles inside India to visit family. That would be the distance across western Europe from Copenhagen to Lisbon.

But to my best knowledge: I wouldn’t be able to enter the freeway in Hamburg and drive to Bangalore, let alone hitchhike. Driving through Iran might be difficult and Iraq and Afghanistan are blocked now, too. I’d have to make an enormous detour via Kazakhstan and China. And there are very few roads across the Himalaya. In fact: using Google Maps I couldn’t find any. I’d have to drive around Himalaya and enter India from the east via Burma. But would it be possible to drive through Burma? Not if you say “Burma”.

So if it is a global village it has become more difficult to move around.

For another exciting road trip: try to drive from Lagos in Nigeria to Hamburg, Germany – holding a Nigerian passport. Is it possible? I very much doubt it. And the problem is not the desert or bad roads.

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