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Why are sheep always described as peaceful – because they are not!

Thank you @iantalbot for the correction: a male sheep is a ram!

By Sabine. Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

Our way was leading across a mound and on the top of the mound there was a ram standing right in the middle of our way.

Let’s not pass him“, said Sabine. “We have to climb up to him, he probably feels superior.

Aw, come on!” I said. “This is a sheep!

And I fearlessly climbed up to the ram , looking straight into its eyes and clapping my hands to chase it away. The ram lowered its head and when we were almost on the same level it ran towards me with its horns down.

I wasn’t afraid! This was a sheep! I got hold of its horns – and that animal lifted me into the air! Surprise, surprise! A sheep! I felt so much power in that ram’s neck! No chance to wrestle it to the ground!

So: If you can’t fight it – run away from it. And the ram right after me. Fortunately there was a tree and I was running around it. Yes, I had a better cornering technique than the ram!  But that couldn’t go on forever.

I decided to run down the mound and I was lucky not to break my feet.

Well, so much for the sheep” said my wife.

And we made a huge detour.

Johnny later told me “Absolutely no chance with the horns. You have to get a ram by the legs!


Next time!


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