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What is going on down there?

By Detlef. Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

I perceive some kind of a rhythm, a consoling pattern. I perceive a border, an inside/ outside: inside the water is out of the sky.

I’m in the sky, albeit on the ground. I wonder: what is going on down there? Under the border?

I know there are SHARKS. They swim in the dim light under the border. They are very fast. They can kill humans.

Dolphins, shells, jellyfish and different, muffled sounds. But that is only because my ears are not made to be used under water. Must be strange for a dolphin to hear the sounds above the waterline. To hear sounds transported though the air.

I feel small here. Strangely liberated from the confines of my I, my shell whose protection seems so all important. A possibility to merge advances over the horizon. To be part of the rhythm of the sky and the sea. To be without borders, to make the outside my inside. Which it is anyway, but who can truly feel that?

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