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Mrs. Lot in La La Land – a music post

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Music © Detlef Cordes 2010. Download MP3 File

Ok,  Lot’s wife was not transformed into a tree – but into a pillar of salt. But this tree is Mrs. Lot to me who could not refrain from looking back when her hometown of Sodom was destroyed behind her.

What Do You See?
Photo by Detlef

The past can be a threatening thing when you dwell in it. The “If I Only Had … !!!“‘s – they can render you immobile, rigid. They induce fear – because when you were wrong once – why should yo not be wrong this time? Perhaps you are someone with bad luck, a looser, you lack discipline, judgement – go on this way if you want to be a tree or a salt pillar.

Nobody has a patent medicine for this very moment. It’s your moment with all potential, power and freedom to move. You are the one with the key. Start the engine and move on the highway of Now.

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