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A conversation about marketing

I only give my part of the conversation as an aide memoire. The Twitter search gives only rudimentary parts of the conversation between Carl Ingalls and me. (Please click “Show conversation) That’s the way of Twitter, as I said elsewhere about the Twitter search.

  • My point is: take away the social dimension from any human – nothing is left. @Carl_Ingalls @damici2
  • If we don’t exist we are good stories 😉 @damici2
  • As an American you have the right to live , stay and work in an affluent society. Take that away, get into a boat, a camp… @Carl_Ingalls
  • G.W. Bush would still be G.W. Bush had he not defeated alcoholism. But he would be a different person. @Carl_Ingalls
  • We are social beings. Most of us want to belong to a group, constituting our identity. @Carl_Ingalls
  • @Carl_Ingalls … and answering these questions in multiple ways – that’s the field of marketing – to my opinion.
  • Who am I? Who do I want to be? To which social group do I belong? Very often we answer with the products we use. @Carl_Ingalls
  • @Carl_Ingalls … and an eternal riddle for me: who in the world needs a pick up truck?
  • Hello Carl. Why do so many people pay 100% more for a computer and buy a Mac?Why buy Nike,Addidas?You’d say: better products? @Carl_Ingalls
  • @Carl_Ingalls I think it’s seldom about meeting supply and demand – but an offer for identification. You are XYZ if you buy this.
  • @Carl_Ingalls E.g: The Marlboro, Camel cigarettes appealed to the longing for adventure in the wild. They cultivated that lack of adventure.
  • @Carl_Ingalls That “want something” is the crucial point which is shaped by marketing, product identity, branding.
This conversation cleared my concept of marketing as something very close to the human condition as a social being, living in groups, needing other human beings just like they need oxygen.
Ok: there was Robinson Crusoe – he had oxygen but no other human being for a very long time. He is a fictional character but lets suppose that story could happen in real life.There are those guys who survive in the wilderness, trappers, frontier people. So don’t take the oxygen metaphor to strictly.
Most of us wouldn’t survive even a week without other human beings. Or without the social tools organizing our lives like states, governments, legal systems, various infrastructures and one of the most important, if not the most important social tool: money.
I am talking about “Marketing“, but I mean the Promotion P of the 4 P’s of Marketing.
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