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I am not satisfied with the Twitter search

OK: Twitter is free in the sense of “free of charge” and perhaps it’s not ok to complain, since obviously I should be grateful because I met so many wonderful people, had so many great conversations … you know the story, don’t you?

But if you want to revisit those conversations: that’s where the trouble starts. In fact: if you want to revisit any particular tweet: very, very difficult.

I recently had a solipstistic brainstorm on Twitter: I just tweeted things “I wish”. Now I want to go back to that brainstorm, go to the advanced Twitter search for all my tweets containing “I wish” and this is what I get. Not much and completely arbitrary since I said “I wish” much more often in the last 5 days on Twitter.

Some people were kind enough to retweet parts of my brainstorm, so I found 3 wishes in “Your tweets, retweeted“.

  • I wish I could eat what I like without getting fatter.
  • I wish I could drink as much espresso as I like without getting a nervous wreck.
  • I wish everybody could move around the globe and live where they please.

That’s it. OK: this is not mind moving, deep digging content. But I want those tweets! I know my old tweets are there. Here is one I linked to from my blog from 02/10/2009.

The old tweets are there, we just can’t access them.

So I tried a google seach: * detlef_c “I wish” site:twitter.com * – wish gives me a random association of tweets, but obviously not all and not those I was searching for.

What now? Does anybody have a solution? Is this even a problem for anybody? Am I a twitter freak putting too much importance into this?

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