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Judgement sparkling like a Diamond

When I try to remember people I once loved my judgement and my feelings sparkle like a diamond – love/ hate/ love/ hate ….

It totally depends on how you look at a person, matters of fact, even. I dreamed of someone I once very much loved and then very much hated. When I hated her I never could remember how I loved her, how I even had one single good moment with her. However much I tried – it was in vain.

Tonight I dreamed of her. I saw her from behind in a busy street, a shopping bag in her hand. She was talking with someone. For a brief moment my love came back and it hurt like hell, which made me wake up, puzzled in a mix of emotions, feeling the love and the hate at the same time.

I thought of Alison Jardine’s iPad drawing “I think of you frequently (then I remember)

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