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What is “Childhood Shit”?

It’s the behavior we carry with us since childhood. It typically comes up in shrink sessions.

As time moves forward our childhood is our fundamental experience with life. As adults we move on – but some responses to the outside world stay the same, although they are no longer adequate.

Layers of emotion like an onion. In the center is the childhood shit.

And to think that our imagination determines what we see! Do we see the present with the eyes of the past? And is that the “childhood shit” we try to clear up with the help of a shrink?

What we comprehend becomes the vocabulary of our imagination and how we learn to process events individually becomes the pattern to process any event. If we stay stuck there as adults, the pejorative term “childhood shit” is perhaps appropriate – my way of being defensive 😉 But it’s difficult to de-learn things that are hard-wired into the brain.

Lena April says it beautifully in her poem.

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