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Switch off the ramp

Switch off the ramp and glide prolific.
A whale gliding through the water doesn’t have to worry:

How do I land?
Where do I land?

But: where do I get the next lung full of air?
It is always there


I dreamt I was a ski jumper
flying, flying,
but couldn’t enjoy as I was flying towards a police car.

I neatly folded my arms across my breast,
because I thought police might like that.
“Show me your hands! Show me your hands!”

Sailed right above them and landed in the sand,
my purse fell out of my hip pocket
and all my money rolled in the sand.
Worse: my identity card!

I had to collect all my things in a hurry, as the next ski jumper was approaching to land and if I lingered too long police might come and take me with them.

So I jumped into my jeep and headed off north
to the wide woods of Scandinavia.

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