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‎”Visit my shop” – I don’t get that. If you want to sell art – why don’t you do it where your visitors are? Who visits a shop? Who clicks a “Shop” link? Is selling so ugly that it has to be kept away from the conversation? Do we have to enter a speakeasy to sell/ buy?

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  1. May 11, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Such a good question Detlef. I find selling and buying are often about inviting the viewer to your shop… but not necessarily having to leave their home. Blogging, twitter and facebook has allowed visitors into my work as if they are living down the road and dropping by for tea. From there, they can go to my redbubble or other online galleries to purchase. It works for me and it seems to work for visitors. However, physical shows and visits to physical studios still remains important for those that can. I think it is a both/and situation.

    Musing more about your thoughts, I also don’t “out” buyers without their permission and sometimes it is a little like slipping a painting out the back door in a brown bag late at night while cash is exchanging hands. I have also found that many clients hang my work in their bedrooms. At first, I thought this was odd because they are most often landscape or seascape paintings and photographs. I have come to realize that it could be the personal nature of buying original art or/and their relationship to these images. The quiet reflection and vulnerability they feel when connecting with my work may not always be a conversation they want to engage in with whoever is sitting in their living room or sees them walking down the street with a large package.

    Just a few random thoughts for a Wednesday morning. Terrill

    • May 12, 2011 at 3:15 pm

      Thank you for your thoughts, Terrill! I love your metaphor: “Living down the road and dropping by for tea” – it is so much more personal through blogs, Twitter, Facebook. You have the chance to be seen as a real person as an artist – and not just a media scheme. Trust is built, relationships, mutual understanding

      If the selling infrastructure is behind the blog, one link away – that’s wonderful.

      But just a shop, or a shop seperated from the social stream – that’s like an uprooted flower for me.

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