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How I embed a photo into a video.

Most video sharing websites work with a broad 16:9 ratio. YouTube recommends a 16:9 format 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels wide.

Hardly any photo or work of art has this format, so you have to adjust it. You can either use a clipping of your photo creating the exact format – or you have to put up with blank space on the sides. If you want to show the whole work of art, that is the only option.

I open my image editor and create a black passe partout with the right measures: 1920px wide, 1080px high.

Then I Ioad the work I want to embed into the image editor. The bigger, the better. Most of the time the ratio of its format is not wide enough for 16:9 – I scale the height down to the maximum YouTube height of 1080 pixels setting the image editing software to keep the ratio, so I automatically get the corresponding maximum width, which naturally is smaller than the 1920 pixels of the video format.

Then I cut and paste the photo into the black passe partout: It fills the full height, but to the left and right there is black space – or any other color you choose, or text, whatever you want to put  into that blank space.  Then I feed the result into my video editor.

Here are videos that were created this way.

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