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How can there be authenticity?

© Detlef Cordes

I wrote “Authenticity is the key” – but is it? How can there be authenticity if we are a product of our environment?  Of the marketing messages, the political ideology – but the good stories, too, the wonderful music, art. How much of my child’s play was re-enacting episodes of “Bonanza” or “Gunsmoke“! My parents wouldn’t give me toy guns – so I shot with a shovel. How much of the role women play in society did I learn by watching ads for laundry products before I could even speak!

How many of my early childhood memories are copyrighted? How many of the songs of my childhood am I not allowed to sing in public, because they are owned?

How much political and religious indoctrination is living in my soul? And even as I fight it – it is very much a part of me, it defines me.

Could it be authentic NOT to try to be authentic? Is there a real thing, a subject behind all the acquired layers or is that ONE soul just a romantic (ideological) construction?

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