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Creating Videos

I sing this poem by Rainer Maria Rilke right into the camera. Which gives it a stressed, strained note. I wanted to get the emotions I feel through that camera eye in front of me. And that “wanting” communicates more than the emotions I wanted to convey.

Also: the light was a problem shining directly on my glasses, so that you cannot see my eyes sometimes. Still: I like the way I sang it. I’ll keep this video as a document of “this happens when I sing directly into the camera”.

Today I did some takes of my translation of “Das nächste Dorf” “The Next Village” by Franz Kafka. I put the light on my right side, so it doesn’t shine on my glasses any more. The light is very low, same level as my face.

I did some takes not looking into the camera at all – which didn’t work out, as all I see is me singing while not looking into the camera. I got frustrated and did this take without any concept – just the way I feel best interpreting this translation.

I find that not thinking of an audience or a message works best for me when creating videos.

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