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If the medium is the message ….

If the medium is the message: which message is G+?

Which message is Facebook? Twitter? WordPress? Which message is an old fashioned handwritten letter? Which message is an email, a video on YouTube vs that same video embedded into a Facebook stream?

What does a Facebook stream say that is full of posts that originate from Twitter? Such a stream feels like an empty subway station to me, where music is playing, ads are displayed, steps echo from tiled walls. People might notice you in passing on their way to some other place. They might even make the detour you suggest, take the long way home, try to talk to you. They might as well talk to a billboard.

While that very same post, tweet, saying, picture within you online home – say Twitter – shines like a happy trout n a sunny mountain stream. Joining others, a conversation, inspiration, joi de vivre – fun.

Personality has to shine through the medium like a sun. The medium is the passage.

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