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Which important set of beliefs do I have to let go?


“You are lucky”, says the technician. “I am giving you a new electric meter.” And he screws a brand new black electric meter into the wall. I somehow disapprove of this gesture. The fake generosity. Hey, I’m paying for this, don’t I?

But I remember this electric meter has been here all my life. All electric power in my house went through this. Will there be a change now? A new smooth freshness?

Which makes me think of the photos of my grandparents I carry with me everywhere and all the time. My personal electric meter? The center where all my energy passes through? What if I loose energy there? What if my relationship with the past is an energy glutton interfering with my ability to have a relationship with the present?

Which important set of beliefs do I have to let go? Which hypothesis on life do I have to turn my back on to walk into the presence of now?

If this only would be as easy as changing a meter!

I decide to put my grandparents’ pictures out of my wallet. I didn’t even look at them for years now. It’s just a presence. Like a sound that is always there so that it feels like a disturbance when it suddenly isn’t there any more.

Am I ready for the silence?

Would a ceremony be appropriate to break from this decade old habit? Should I burn the crumpled images, watch the smoke dissolve into the openness of the sky and see them unite with the clouds?

Should I release them into the waters of a river and watch them disappear gently hopping up and down on the cheerful river waves – on their way into the vast range of the sea?

How can I make that part of me understand that never picked up language but listens to sounds and the emotions vibrating in them?

That part of me that understands a picture within a second even if the message contains volumes of meaning.

Am I ready for the silence?


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