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Peace is based on trust

November 19, 2011 1 comment

Peace is based on trust

If trust is lost – peace is lost. So if we lost trust in our economic and political system and in our politicians very much is lost.
Trust can be earned through actions. How can our very own actions inspire trust and another kind of peace?


How can there be authenticity?

June 2, 2011 Leave a comment

© Detlef Cordes

I wrote “Authenticity is the key” – but is it? How can there be authenticity if we are a product of our environment?  Of the marketing messages, the political ideology – but the good stories, too, the wonderful music, art. How much of my child’s play was re-enacting episodes of “Bonanza” or “Gunsmoke“! My parents wouldn’t give me toy guns – so I shot with a shovel. How much of the role women play in society did I learn by watching ads for laundry products before I could even speak!

How many of my early childhood memories are copyrighted? How many of the songs of my childhood am I not allowed to sing in public, because they are owned?

How much political and religious indoctrination is living in my soul? And even as I fight it – it is very much a part of me, it defines me.

Could it be authentic NOT to try to be authentic? Is there a real thing, a subject behind all the acquired layers or is that ONE soul just a romantic (ideological) construction?

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How does time translate into space?

June 1, 2011 2 comments

Looking at an iPad drawing by Alison Jardine:

  • How does time translate into space?
  • Does this translation help us to better understand what time is?
  • Is time always history?
  • How does any special moment we remember relate to time? And what does this relation look like if it’s translated into space?
  • How do these questions relate to our potential as humans?
In my dreams time often appears as a ride on a train. Often I miss the train, or I am on the wrong train, or I am on one train and my love is on another, or I am in a huge station and there are many trains and I have to pick the right one.
Sometimes I don’t stand on the departure platform, but I come from behind, walking on the tracks towards all these trains. Clearly not doing the right thing, clearly being unorthodox, clearly being in danger. All alone on a field of danger.
And ONE of those trains might just be the RIGHT time slot for me.
And sometimes, looking back: where was that spot where I could have moved into a different direction? SHOULD have moved into a different direction? But I never look back that way in dreams – must be a thing of the waking mind.
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May 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Individualism may seem to be the lifesaver
but like crack, like alcohol, like heroin
it destroys what it seems to enhance.

There is no safe haven deep inside,
there is no ever bubbling well ,
there is no freedom, no peace, no wellness

Just the need to reach out,
to connect with others,
to share, to find and to be found.

That is human.

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Where sins are forgiven it’s all about sin

May 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Looking at Sheila Bessette’s photo “Where sins are forgiven“: Where sins are forgiven it’s all about sin, sin, sin.

The logic of life is one valued.

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To speak is to divide

May 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Looking at “Trying to Speak” by Miriam Climenhaga. To speak is to divide, to be separated from what you want to express – because to do that, you have to have a clear notion “in front of you”. If you “are” something very much – it is very difficult to speak about it.

Reminds me of my drea, “The guru in the corridor” where I can’t speak because my mouth is full.

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Everything points to the golden core

May 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Looking at Patti Agapi’s work “Front Facing”: Bringing together concepts that seemingly don’t belong together creates a deep connection. I believe that deep in their center all things are connected, everything points to the golden core.

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