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Google indexes WordPress better than G+

November 10, 2011 6 comments

I was thinking about making Google Plus my online home, as most of my discussions are happening there and discussions are most important to me. I often find my own opinion in discussions and very often there is more than one valid opinion to a certain topic. I think it’s nice to have the discussion where the post is – and not to have to hop between post and discussions on Facebook and G+.

However: to embed links and pictures into a G+ post is a bit difficult – but I could deal with that. But Google Search indexes posts in WordPress better than posts in G+.

My fictional text about Breitenstein is on G+ 4 days now. I linked to it from my Twitter account, it drew 4 Google+, 5 comments and 1 re-share and still it doesn’t apear in Google search. It does appear in the G+ search however. But who searches in G+? Google seems to keep the searches separate.

I re-posted my Breitenstein text here on WordPress – and it appears in Google Search immediately after posting.

That’s a big con against posting in G+ exclusively. And you can structure your content with #hastags only, whereas here you have the wonderful categories and archive function.

So I think I’ll make myself comfy here at WordPress.

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