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Google indexes WordPress better than G+

November 10, 2011 6 comments

I was thinking about making Google Plus my online home, as most of my discussions are happening there and discussions are most important to me. I often find my own opinion in discussions and very often there is more than one valid opinion to a certain topic. I think it’s nice to have the discussion where the post is – and not to have to hop between post and discussions on Facebook and G+.

However: to embed links and pictures into a G+ post is a bit difficult – but I could deal with that. But Google Search indexes posts in WordPress better than posts in G+.

My fictional text about Breitenstein is on G+ 4 days now. I linked to it from my Twitter account, it drew 4 Google+, 5 comments and 1 re-share and still it doesn’t apear in Google search. It does appear in the G+ search however. But who searches in G+? Google seems to keep the searches separate.

I re-posted my Breitenstein text here on WordPress – and it appears in Google Search immediately after posting.

That’s a big con against posting in G+ exclusively. And you can structure your content with #hastags only, whereas here you have the wonderful categories and archive function.

So I think I’ll make myself comfy here at WordPress.

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If the medium is the message ….

July 22, 2011 Leave a comment

If the medium is the message: which message is G+?

Which message is Facebook? Twitter? WordPress? Which message is an old fashioned handwritten letter? Which message is an email, a video on YouTube vs that same video embedded into a Facebook stream?

What does a Facebook stream say that is full of posts that originate from Twitter? Such a stream feels like an empty subway station to me, where music is playing, ads are displayed, steps echo from tiled walls. People might notice you in passing on their way to some other place. They might even make the detour you suggest, take the long way home, try to talk to you. They might as well talk to a billboard.

While that very same post, tweet, saying, picture within you online home – say Twitter – shines like a happy trout n a sunny mountain stream. Joining others, a conversation, inspiration, joi de vivre – fun.

Personality has to shine through the medium like a sun. The medium is the passage.

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Creating Videos

June 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I sing this poem by Rainer Maria Rilke right into the camera. Which gives it a stressed, strained note. I wanted to get the emotions I feel through that camera eye in front of me. And that “wanting” communicates more than the emotions I wanted to convey.

Also: the light was a problem shining directly on my glasses, so that you cannot see my eyes sometimes. Still: I like the way I sang it. I’ll keep this video as a document of “this happens when I sing directly into the camera”.

Today I did some takes of my translation of “Das nächste Dorf” “The Next Village” by Franz Kafka. I put the light on my right side, so it doesn’t shine on my glasses any more. The light is very low, same level as my face.

I did some takes not looking into the camera at all – which didn’t work out, as all I see is me singing while not looking into the camera. I got frustrated and did this take without any concept – just the way I feel best interpreting this translation.

I find that not thinking of an audience or a message works best for me when creating videos.

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A rude comment can ruin my day

February 12, 2011 3 comments

Am I over sensitive? Is it true you have to develop a thick skin if you decide to present yourself in social media?

I do not reply on rude comments. I do not want to be entangled in bad vibrations, bad moods.

Most of the time I delete rude comments. Yes, that’s what I do. Insulting behavior is not covered by the right of free speech. As far as I am concerned.

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There is no perfect way to tweet

February 9, 2011 1 comment

There is not perfect way to tweet. The “Thank You”‘s and conversations can be boring to other followers – but that’s part of the game.

I tried to develop Twitter strategies, tried to define what I want and act/ tweet accordingly – they all failed and I ended tweeting as I feel.

It is like the uncontrollable atmosphere in the market place or in a small town street.

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There is no longer a Third World – WE are the third world

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

A web designer told me that. There are wonderful web designers in the developing countries.

(They develop software, that’s why they are called “developing countries”)

Of course: there are still countries whose citizens are under privileged. There are countries with weak economies, bad education, health-care systems.

But with the advent of the web your location on planet earth becomes less and less important. I hope that is good for the developing countries – but it will be bad for union protected jobs in the so called “first world”.

So: if you are what was formerly understood as “left leaning”, pro union – this is going to be a tough time for you as you probably want to become a protectionist and keep the work at home.

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Demonization leads to mystification leads to fascination

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

In our small town there is a café, where the no-Babbits meet, the non-square, the cool. And among them the internet is the incarnation of all things evil. The “computerization” of human relations.

Just for spite I asked:

“Do you have a wireless connection?”
– “I don’t know? What is that?”
– “Do you offer your guests a wireless internet connection?”
– “No! No! We don’t do that. We offer our guests an assortment of newspapers.”

So next time I’ll go there with my mobile stick. – If I go there at all. I’m a Babbit and I’m happy with the other Babbits 😉

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