How was work?

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How was work?

Photo by Detlef

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You always get drunk when we hang out together

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Oh - it's my fault?

Photo by Detlef

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Our dog is a fully functioning airplane

November 16, 2011 2 comments

Our dog is a fully functioning airplane

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Do you see that bot sit

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I live in the internet world – but what a bot or a bit really are defies my imagination. Writing around that a bit … a bot …

Do you see that bot sit
on the little odd bit?
What’s it going to do?
I don’t have a clue.

It’s on or off or good or bad
it’s yes or no or happy or sad.
There’s going to be a decision
that’s the bot’s mission.

They sit and chat a millionth second
They’ll never meet again I reckon.
The song of the bot and the bit
And this is it.

Lyrics by Detlef Cordes 2011

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Out there: a world full of wonders

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Setting out into the unknown with an open heart . . .

Out there: a world full of wonders

By Detlef on Flickr

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Museums are places to destroy art

November 12, 2011 1 comment

L’art pour l’art is not for me. I use art to embark on exciting expeditions from everyday life and back into the jungle that is everyday life. I’m not an admirer. I’m a beast that wants to feast. I want my mind to be entertained. If you give me a black rectangle in a white field that entertains me more than the damned Mona Lisa, which I saw so often that her smile bores me to death.

Any kindergarten exhibition interests me more than a well curated Leonardo show. I won’t stand in line for that. I won’t stand in line in Disneyland and its well crafted attractions. Museums are places to destroy art.

Handcraft is boring.
Beauty is boring.
Admiration is boring.
Consensus is boring.

Anything that helps us explore this moment here together is exciting.
Anything that tears down the old walls of perception is exciting.
Any fresh experience is exciting – wherever it happens.
Anything that disappoints an assumption is exciting.

Whether that can be called art or not: it doesn’t matter to me.

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Do we see a fictionalization of politics?

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Are politicians just tops of the iceberg of “their” organisations? Good or bad interfaces for interests of power? Like stars in a movie: for this role you take Bruce Willis, but you can take X or Y or Z, too. Most actors come aboard a movie after years of preparing work. Do politicians embark on interests of power that suit their brand and promise profit? Do we see a fictionalization of politics?

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